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Welcome to our site! If you are looking for a simple and easy way to enhance your appearance, then you have come to the right place. We offer comprehensive treatments as a part of our cosmetic dentistry program to offer the best of dental services at affordable rates to as many people as possible.

Teeth Whitening Gold Coast offers special cosmetic dentistry treatments, specials and deals to enhance your smile and look overall. We understand that there are several options, but not many (if at all) provide excellent and long lasting results in a safe and comfortable environment for cheap.


One of the first things that gets noticed about you is your smile, and as they say…first impressions are usually lasting impressions. There are many people that have to cover their mouths when they laugh or smile simply to avoid showing their teeth as they may be stained or they may not like the way they look when they smile. On the other hand, people that have vibrant and big smiles tend to give off a more positive impression, and at the same time they feel better about themselves and their appearance in general.

While there are many things that have an impact on our appearance, one of the most prominent and easiest enhancer of our appearance is the whiteness of our teeth. Hollywood celebrities and other successful people like business leaders are known for getting this treatment…as they are well aware of the positive impact it has on their image in general.

There are several things that lead to stains, and it may be difficult if not impossible to avoid all of them. While not all the causes of stains can be avoided, you can still maintain whiteness with proper care and assistance from dental specialist.

The following table provides the different options available and what to expect in terms of time, pros and cons. This is a great comparison table to assist you in making an informed decision.

Treatment Time Improvements (in terms of shades)   What to Expect
In-Office Whitening 45 minutes 8 (on average) Immediate results
Performed by a Dental Professional
Long Lasting
Comfortable and Safe
Less Fade Back
Take Home Trays 1 – 2 Weeks 6 Results are not immediate
Self-applied Trays
Paint-on Gel / Whitening Strips 1 Week – 1 Month 3 – 4 Results are not immediate
Inconsistent tooth whitening
Toothpaste 1 month or more 1-2 Works on superficial stains only
Whiteness fades fast if you stop using the paste

How does our system work?

We have an established dental practice for the last several years, and we have already served numerous clients just like you.

Unlike other systems, our system is a simple and short procedure performed by our dentist. The benefits of our system are straight forward as it is not only is it comfortable and safe, but the results are long-lasting and immediate. It could take just one 45-60 minute session to get whiter teeth by up to eight shades.

We offer a wide range of options including various kits and products. Your options with us range from strips, laser, zoom to  in-home packages.

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Also, take a look around our website to know more about what causes dental stains, simple ways to prevent discolouring and tips to help you keep your pearly whites.

We also encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have with regards to our procedure. We, at  our clinic in Queensland would be glad to guide you through this process, and ensure that you are making the best decision for you.